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Sophie is a Scottish self-taught potter working with stoneware clay and mixed media decoration in Claygate, Dumfries & Galloway.

I studied Art Foundation at Carlisle Institute of the Arts back in 2005/06 but went on to pursue a business degree in Edinburgh and career in London.  In 2019, unable to quieten a calling back to creativity, I moved myself out of the city and returned to the fresh aired countryside where my step dad (artist Michael Batey) happened to have a potter's wheel and a hobby kiln. It took only one shot on the wheel to know this was something I needed to pursue. Since then, I have pretty much lived in my overalls and had a consistent splatter of clay across my face.

After many long days and nights in my outbuilding 'studio' and lots of books studied -  the determination to teach myself how to throw pots, develop my own glazes and work a kiln - is beginning to bear fruit. ​I was fortunate to have been recognised regionally and received the Upland Emerge 2020 Bursary + Mentorship Programme. A fledgling in the world of ceramics, my first exhibition held locally in October proved a big success.

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